Anne Raskopf ~ Artist

I Can't believe this is the 4th year of doing A Painting A Day for 30 Days!  Each year I look forward to deciding and planning the series I want to paint.  I usually narrow it down to 3 different themes and then somehow choose the winner.  I'm excited to be doing Chicago!

Both of my parents are Chicago natives and I was born there. We visit often, enjoying the sites and wonderful array of restaurants.  Hope you enjoy this group of paintings and that they inspire you to visit Chicago.  

All work is for sale. You can email me if interested.

 1st of 30 "Cub's Win"  12" x 12"  Acrylic on Board  SOLD

Day 2, "Time Capsule" , 8" x 14"  Acrylic on board 

Day 3 is "Dim Sum" 10" x 20", Acrylic on board 

Day 4 "Billy Goat Tavern"  10" x 10", Acrylic on board 

Day 5 "The Art Institute of Chicago", 10" x 10" Acrylic on Board

Day 6 "Margies Candies" 14" x 8", Acrylic on Board

Day 7 "Marshall Fields & Company at State Street" , 8" x 10"

Day 8, 

"The Balaban and Katz", 12" x 12' Acrylic on board.  Built in the French Baroque style, the Chicago Theatre's  exterior features a miniature replica of Paris' Arc de Triomphe, sculpted above it's State Street marquee. This piece of Chicago history is worth the trip even if you're not seeing a show.

Day 9, 

"Old Chicago  Water Tower District", 12" x 12".  The tower was constructed to house a large water pump, to draw water from Lake Michigan.  It is the second oldest in the U. S.  It now serves as a Chicago Office of Tourism Art Gallery, how wonderful.  Why wouldn't you use a public building also as an art gallery!

Day 10

"Italian Village" 10" x 10" is Chicago's oldest Italian restaurant. Love this old school classic Italian fare.  

Day 11

"Vito & Nick's Pizza"  10" x 8"   I have been enjoying this South Side deliciousness since i was little.  I can't even describe how yummy it is so go to the website and see for yourself. it was named the top 25 Pizza places in the U.S and it was featured on Dives and Diners.

Day 12 is "Gene & Judes Red Hots",  12" x 12" Acrylic on board.  Voted best hot dogs in America by Rachel Rayand Serious Eats judges!  I'm craving a dog!

Day 13 "Calumet Fisheries, 95th Street Bridge" 12" x 12" Acrylic on Board. Another South Side eatery famous for it's natural wood smokehouse.  The very same bridge the Blues Brothers jumped over!  Know for it's delicous smoked salmon and fried fish. This series is leaving me hungry all the time! 

Day 14  painting is "Lou Mitchell's" 12" x 12", Acrylic on Board. Founded in 1923, Lou Mitchell's is know for handing out fresh donut holes to people waiting to be seated.  Lou's claim to fame is fluffy eggs, the secret is using double yokes! 

15th painting of 30 is " Buckingham Fountain", 10'x10" Acrylic on board.  Buckingham Fountain is located in Grant Park.  It is the number one attraction in Chicago and is free! The fountain represents Lake Michigan and the four sea horses represent the four states that boarder Lake Michigan.  It was design with the fountains of Versailles in mind.  It's spectacular, go see it! 

16th of 30 paintings is "Navy Pier" 12'x12" Acrylic on board.  Explore all 50 Acres of Navy Pier with amusement park rides, museums, Shakespeare, Food, Food and more Food.  Amazing views of the city as well with the John Hancock towering overhead. 

Day 17 painting "The Chicago Picasso" 14" x 10".  

Day 18  "Gene & Georgetti"  14' x 10' Acrylic on board

Day 19 of 30 day painting challenge is " Green Mill" 12'x12"  Al Capone, Moulin Rouge Red Mill, Poetry Slam, Movies and more.

20th of 30!  "The Bean"  6" x 8" in Millennium Park.

21st of 30 paintings, "White Castle"  6" x 8"  White Castle didn't begin in Chicago, but the buildings were modeled to resemble the Chicago Water Tower Pump house and I've eaten alot  of White Castle hamburgers in Chicago!

"Old Saint Pat's"  in honor of Sunday!  14" x 10" Acrylic on board.  The oldest standing church in Chicago 1854.  Painting 22 of 30.

23rd of 30 paintings is " Under the L"  20" x 10"  Just your typical Chicago street scene.

"Chicago Loop Bridges"  12" x 12" Acrylic on Board.  Enjoying a walk along the riverwalk  is a great way to explore the city and appreciate its world class architecture.  The very memorable Marina Towers or like most people know them as the corn cobb buildings.

Painting day 25 is "The Drake" 14" x 10", a fashionable hotel since the 1920's.  Overlooking Lakeshore drive this hotel has remained a Chicago treasure in old world style.

Painting day 26 is "Chicago Fire Station #98"  12 " x 12" same style as Water Tower Place and the pump house located just blocks from them on 202 East Chicago Ave.

Number 27 of 30 is "Sun & Trib"  12" x 12"  

Painting number 28 of 30 is "Blue cowboy"  In honor of our city's protectors.  14"x10"

"Chicago Dog"  11"x 7"  Painting number 29!

"Route 66"  6" x 8" begins in Chicago Painting number 30.  One more to go to complete the month.

"So Long Chicago" 10" x 14" Acrylic on board.  A view along the lakefront towards Oak Street Beach and the skyline.   I love Chicago!