Anne Raskopf ~ Artist

Lino Cuts & Wood Cuts

The beauty of woodcut prints is that you can create multiple versions with a variety of color patterns or black and white. It gives you the option of using color or not and having multiple images to work with. Each print is unique and different. All are printed on archival paper or handmade paper. All are for sale and I have multiples of each. Contact me for inquiries. Prices range from $30-$65.


"A Thin Place"

"Moving Horses 3"                                                "Moving Horses 4"


"Black Bird"                                           "Pig"


"Side Glance"

"Red and Blue"

"Dog Looking Up"


"Nashotah House, Red & Blue Houses"

"Handle Bars"


"Warm Heart"

"Into the Woods"




"Chasing" on red w/ gold leaf paper

"Bell Tower"

"Black Bird"


"Black Horse"

"House on the Hill"

"2 Birds"