Anne Raskopf ~ Artist


East Branch of Loew's Lake 11" x 14"

 "Flowers, Truck & Eggs"

Kiltie, sold

Country Drive Inn


Me at the Oconomowoc Library working on the commissioned mural.

 "To the Barn" 

Trees, Russet & Burgundy

  Path with Light

 Black Lab on Grass


 "Black Horse Looking at Shadow"

  Forest  2    Forest 3

"Looking Forward"

"Sacred Heart"                                                "Madison"



              William in Skyline Locust

   William in Woods

"Palomino at Night"                       "White Pony"



"Thirteen-Year Friends"                                         "Fall Pathway"



                  "Red Barn"


"Two Sheep"



"John Hancock"                             "Brooklyn Bridge"

"I am the Key"

  "Painted Pony"


 "To The Barn"

"Walking Away"

  "In The Field"

   "Horse Awakened"

  "Palomino Friend"

"Walking In"